Tru-Shot Bow Sight
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 Tru-Shot Bow Sight  | Our Featured Product

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A quality bow sight has proven to be essential to the modern archer and bow hunter; for both consistent and accurate arrow placement.  We believe that our one of a kind product gives the archer the highest opportunity for success at the range, and the bow hunter the optimum resource in increasing their chance of success in the harvesting of fair game.

Our “Tru-Shot” single pin bow sight provides the opportunity to shoot with assured accuracy out to and beyond 30 yards, depending on the weight (GPI) and speed of the arrow.  Whether shooting from the ground, up range, or from an elevated position, the “Tru-Shot” single pin sight eliminates estimating distance to the target.

The “Tru-Shot Bow Sight” is a break through in modern sights for the archer and bow hunters everywhere.  Our quality, affordable prices, and one of a kind product promises to change the archery landscape at the range and in the field with advanced technology and simple operation; designed by sportsmen, for sportsmen.
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Bulk Shipping and Discounts Will Be Available for Larger Quantities. 
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Claim your trophy using a Tru-Shot Arrow Wrap.  Packaged in quantities of 6 and 12.

Join the Tru-Shot Team with this camouflage hat!  Realtree Green Camo with Adjustable Head Band.

Let everyone know that you are a Tru-Shot Archer with our Tru-Shot Bow Sight Window Decal. Available in 10 inch and 24 inch sizes.

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