Tru-Shot Bow Sight
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November 25, 2013  Eddie Fields Reported on Facebook

Tru-Shot Bow Sight
Have been testing this sight and it has been super dial it in at 25 yds and its dead on 10-40 yds depending on your setup set your sight on the ground and a couple of clicks and its the same in the tree stand. Other members of Split Brow Outdoors Productions will be testing this sight also take the guess work out your of yardage.
An awesome sight Give it a try


The history of Apik Enterprise dates back to the mid 1950's when Long Bows, Recurve Bows and wood arrows were the archery hunter's main choice.  As a youth, founder Donald Apik Kalfayan (Apik, Armenian for biblical Abraham) acquired a love for archery and bow hunting, giving him the desire to learn and develop the skill and technique of the sport.

Influenced by such legendary archers as Howard Hill and Fred Bear and Craftsman Bow maker, Nels Grumley, Don spent his hunting time in the Atlanta Michigan forests pursuing whitetail deer, while learning the art and craftsmanship of arrow and bow making. Becoming a successful machinist and engineering technician, Don's skill and experience enhanced his ability in the design and development of archery products such as custom broad heads and arrows and the Tru-Shot Bow Sight.  His deep love and commitment to the bow and arrow and hunting was passed down to his sons who are committed archery hunters, sharing time in the woods together along with teaching and sharing their skill and experience with archers and hunters of all ages and skill levels.

Apik Enterprise LTD is dedicated to the hunting archer and the sport of archery, with over 55 years of archery and bow hunting experience, committed to the development of quality archery products, made in the U.S.A.

To purchase our products online, please visit the products page and select an item.

Retail stores carrying our products include the Paradise Hardware, Paradise MI,

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